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BoMBillA2 days ago
Tonight we start a new decade of Techno College, an event series that i founded 10 years ago in my home town.
Thanks for the great support over all those years and i'm looking forward to many more years of proper techno culture.
Rave on!

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BoMBillA3 weeks ago
Happy new year!
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So here I recorded a set with a collection of a few of my favourite productions that I have played over the year.
I could have included many more tracks but I got very hungry during the session.

Thanks for your support in 2018 and I wish you all a healthy and happy new year!

1. Rico Puestel - Astrayed (Reshape Two)
2. Ben Champell - Silverbird (Original Mix)
3. Carbon - Break Down (Bombilla Remix)
4. GABRIEL D'OR & BORDOY - Hiel (Re:Axis Remix)
5. Roman Poncet - Thick Vegetation (Original Mix)
6. Rockaforte - Fahrenheit 451 (Original Mix)
7. JLTZ - Insomnia (Original Mix)
8. Coeter - Odd (Original Mix)
9. Pascal Feos - RX_7 (Original Mix)
10. Konrad (Italy) - Old Story (Dave Sinner Remix)
11. Tensalofficial - Marenga (Original Mix)
12. Nicolas Taboada - Control (Original Mix)
13. Mark Broom - Dank (Original Mix)
14. Avision - Feel It (Original Mix)
15. Dave Sinner - Pulsar (Original Mix)
16. Zonal - Zone Q (Original Mix)
17. Fredrik Astevall - Ynk (Original Mix)
18. Roman Poncet - Piège (Original Mix)
19. Roberto Capuano - Work Out (Original Mix)
20. Tom Hades - Median (Original Mix)
21. The Reason Y - Mind Odyssey (Original Mix)
22. Spiros Kaloumenos - Revolutions Per Minute (Original Mix)
23. The Advent, A.Paul - CP10 (Original Mix)
24. SP-X - Searching For Cause (Original Mix)
25. XAB - Moire (Original Mix)
26. Pan-Pot - Weltlinie (Original Mix)
27. Roll Dann - Diverse Fields (Original Mix)
28. Radial - Tympanum VI (Original Mix)
29. SCB - Extinct (Original Mix)
30. Irakli - Topological Errors (Original Mix)
31. Yan Cook - Nix (Original Mix)
32. Fede Ruiz Resura - Loot (Original Mix)
33. Yan Cook - Pauk (Original Mix)
34. Sigha - Flare (Original Mix)
35. Dave Tarrida - Doctrine (Original Mix)
36. Alex Bau - Magnitude (Original Mix)
37. Skotch & Skeef - Moving Heads (Original Mix)
38. KiNK - Teo Techno (Radio Slave (Official) Disco Dub)
39. Calm Chor - Power Fail (ROSPER Remix)
40. Robag Wruhme - Wuzzelbud FF (Original Mix)
41. Robag Wruhme - Veddel Baaf (Original Mix)
42. Pan-Pot - Freigeist (Original Mix)
43. Eduardo De La Calle - Caravaca's Distortion Theory (Original Mix)
44. Mikael Jonasson - After (Original Mix)
45. Bill Converse - Ahead (Original Mix)
BoMBillA3 weeks ago
Got caught by my better half, working on a 2018 retrospective dj set that will be available on soundcloud tomorrow.

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New EP Out Now

New EP out now on Beatport, Amazon, Whatpeopleplay, Juno, djtunes etc.

Posted by BoMBillA on Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2015