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Happy new year!
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So here I recorded a set with a collection of a few of my favourite productions that I have played over the year.
I could have included many more tracks but I got very hungry during the session.

Thanks for your support in 2018 and I wish you all a healthy and happy new year!

1. Rico Puestel - Astrayed (Reshape Two)
2. Ben Champell - Silverbird (Original Mix)
3. Carbon - Break Down (Bombilla Remix)
4. GABRIEL D'OR & BORDOY - Hiel (Re:Axis Remix)
5. Roman Poncet - Thick Vegetation (Original Mix)
6. Rockaforte - Fahrenheit 451 (Original Mix)
7. JLTZ - Insomnia (Original Mix)
8. Coeter - Odd (Original Mix)
9. Pascal Feos - RX_7 (Original Mix)
10. Konrad (Italy) - Old Story (Dave Sinner Remix)
11. Tensalofficial - Marenga (Original Mix)
12. Nicolas Taboada - Control (Original Mix)
13. Mark Broom - Dank (Original Mix)
14. Avision - Feel It (Original Mix)
15. Dave Sinner - Pulsar (Original Mix)
16. Zonal - Zone Q (Original Mix)
17. Fredrik Astevall - Ynk (Original Mix)
18. Roman Poncet - Piège (Original Mix)
19. Roberto Capuano - Work Out (Original Mix)
20. Tom Hades - Median (Original Mix)
21. The Reason Y - Mind Odyssey (Original Mix)
22. Spiros Kaloumenos - Revolutions Per Minute (Original Mix)
23. The Advent, A.Paul - CP10 (Original Mix)
24. SP-X - Searching For Cause (Original Mix)
25. XAB - Moire (Original Mix)
26. Pan-Pot - Weltlinie (Original Mix)
27. Roll Dann - Diverse Fields (Original Mix)
28. Radial - Tympanum VI (Original Mix)
29. SCB - Extinct (Original Mix)
30. Irakli - Topological Errors (Original Mix)
31. Yan Cook - Nix (Original Mix)
32. Fede Ruiz Resura - Loot (Original Mix)
33. Yan Cook - Pauk (Original Mix)
34. Sigha - Flare (Original Mix)
35. Dave Tarrida - Doctrine (Original Mix)
36. Alex Bau - Magnitude (Original Mix)
37. Skotch & Skeef - Moving Heads (Original Mix)
38. KiNK - Teo Techno (Radio Slave (Official) Disco Dub)
39. Calm Chor - Power Fail (ROSPER Remix)
40. Robag Wruhme - Wuzzelbud FF (Original Mix)
41. Robag Wruhme - Veddel Baaf (Original Mix)
42. Pan-Pot - Freigeist (Original Mix)
43. Eduardo De La Calle - Caravaca's Distortion Theory (Original Mix)
44. Mikael Jonasson - After (Original Mix)
45. Bill Converse - Ahead (Original Mix)
BoMBillA3 weeks ago
Got caught by my better half, working on a 2018 retrospective dj set that will be available on soundcloud tomorrow.

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Here's a new live recording of a DJ set i did at Kantine KN on November 28th.
Feel free to ask for track IDs 🙂

New EP Out Now

New EP out now on Beatport, Amazon, Whatpeopleplay, Juno, djtunes etc.

Posted by BoMBillA on Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2015