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Let's do this!
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Started a new project called 'husband'.

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Kantine KN
Here's my latest dj set live recording.
Closed the party of Tonjuwelen Konstanz after Angie Taylor.
Also included one of my all time classics. Find it!
Tip: checkout the Tracklist 😉

1. Biri - Snox101 (Original Mix)
2. Fran Navaez, Avox25 - Akoustique (Original Mix)
3. Brian Sanhaji - Convex (Heiko Laux Remix)
4. Enclave - Classes (Original Mix)
5. A4 (ES) - The Moon (Original Mix)
6. Bryan Chapman - Gallus (Original Mix)
7. Hans Bouffmyhre - Game For Anything (Original Mix)
8. Kaiserdisco - Dosinia (Original Mix)
9. JOACHIM SPIETH - Aidan (Samuel L Session Remix)
10. Hans Bouffmyhre - Visualise (Original Mix)
11. Alexander Kowalski (Official) - Current 101 (Original Mix)
12. BVBYLON - Arcadia (Original Mix)
13. Sezer Uysal - Apastron (Pig&Dan Remix)
14. Pascual - Arch (Original Mix)
15. Re:Axis - Core (Original Mix)
16. Private Press - Traces To Nowhere (Original Mix)
17. Eats Everything - Maratho (Original Mix)
18. A.Paul, Temudo - Antenna Research (Original Mix)
19. Andres Campo - Forget (Original Mix)
20. Johannes Heil - EXILE 012 B1 (Original Mix)
21. Roberto - System State (Original Mix)
22. Ryan Elliott - Paul's Horizon (Original Mix)
23. Bryan Chapman - Headless Angels of Rotterdam (Original Mix)
24. Mikael Jonasson - T2e (Original Mix)
25. Jimi Tenor official - Take Me Baby (Sahara Mix)
26. Johnny Future - Perfect01 a1 (Original Mix)
27. Robag Wruhme - Veddel Baaf (Original Mix)
28. Eduardo de la Calle - Caravaca's Distortion Theory (Original Mix)
BoMBillA4 weeks ago
Private gig tonight at a beautiful spot. Got a bit scared at first when i heard the gunshots, but it's just a Schützenfest down in the valley 😁

#switzerland #schuetzenfest #mountains #forest #farm #valley #gig #dj #privateparty #party #wedding
BoMBillA1 month ago
Last night was a blast!
Thanks to the amazing crowd, the fabulious performance of @angietaylor_official , the incredible opening set of @chrisspascott to the team of @kantinekn and to my wonderful fiance 😘

#dj #gig #techno #tonjuwelen #technocollege #rave #club #party #event #nightlife #dance #visuals #music #love #fiance
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Let's start this equipment porn!
Angie Taylor
Chriss Pascott

New EP Out Now

New EP out now on Beatport, Amazon, Whatpeopleplay, Juno, djtunes etc.

Posted by BoMBillA on Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2015