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So finally here's the recording of my set at Sisyphos Hammahalle from Saturday morning 08/24/2019 4am - 7am.
Within the 50 Tracks I played some own productions. 2 of them will be released soon on SYXT.
Thanks again for dancing to my set. It's always a pleasure and honor to play in the glory Hammahalle.

Full Tracklist:
1. Christian Hornbostel - Synchronicity (Original Mix)
2. GABRIEL D'OR & BORDOY - Hiel (Re:Axis Remix)
3. Michael Schwarz - Nevermind (Original Mix)
4. Bombilla - Aensen Bis Daensen (Original Mix)
5. Michael Schwarz - Crawling (Original Mix)
6. Tiefschwarz (Official) - Some Thing (Original Mix)
7. The Traveller - A100 (Original Mix)
8. Reset Robot - End of Time (Original Mix)
9. Andre Kronert - Isolation (Original Mix)
10. Mark Broom - She Don't Like The Collar (Mike Parker Remix)
11. DRT - Consequential (Original Mix)
12. Bombilla - Carcosa (Original Mix)
13. Ramon Tapia - Get On It (Original Mix)
14. Mark Broom - Red Line (Original Mix)
15. Alex Bau - Way Back (Original Mix)
16. Josh Wink, Ursula Rucker - Sixth Sense (Shlomi Aber Remix)
17. Fabio Guarriello - After (Original Stick)
18. Emanuele Millozzi - Target (Original Mix)
19. Truncate - Utility 3 (Original Mix)
20. Ejeca - Encounter (Original Mix)
21. Martin Bundsen - Fallacious (Original Mix)
22. Ross Hillier - The Chaos Engineer (Hans Bouffmyhre Remix)
23. 2000 and One - The Jackin Zone (Original Mix)
24. Mark Broom - 88 (Original Mix)
25. Mark Broom - Jungle (Original Mix)
26. Little By Little - Hard Groove #1 (Original Mix)
27. Marek Bois - The Moth (Original Mix)
28. kirilik - Distant Call (Original Mix)
29. Fran Navaez, Avox25 - Akoustique (Original Mix)
30. Truncate - Missing (Original Mix)
31. XAB - Oxymoron (Original Mix)
32. Yan Cook - Type A (Original Mix)
33. Slam - The Pace (Original Mix)
34. Laniz - Vortex (Original Mix)
35. Pascual - Arch (Original Mix)
36. Ejeca - Informartian (Original Mix)
37. Bryan Chapman - Gallus (Original Mix)
38. Bryan Chapman - Headless Angels of Rotterdam (Original Mix)
39. 2000 And One - Rapture (Original Mix)
40. The Southern - Back to Mine (Original mix)
41 . A4 (ES) - The Moon (Original Mix)
42. Bombilla - Plunk (Original Mix)
43. Sezer Uysal - Apastron (Pig&Dan Remix)
44. Rico Puestel - Exhibit 1.3 (Original Mix)
45. Rico Puestel - Exhibit 1.4 (Original Mix)
46. Roberto - System State (Original Mix)
47. Shadow Dancer - Strut (Mark Broom's D Mix)
48. Ryan Elliott - Paul's Horizon (Original Mix)
49. Kodem Music - Vault Lines (Truncate Remix)
50. Andres Campo - Forget (Original Mix)
Best soundtrack for driving back to the hotel after the gig. First time I asked the driver to make louder.

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Big thanks to Sisyphos for havin me again! You are one of the best crews I know.
And of course big thanks to the lovely crowd for dancing, the great feedback and support during my set.
Hope to see you again soon!
The recording of my set will also be avaible soon.

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BoMBillA is at Sisyphos.
There you go. Tonight (tomorrow morning) from 4 - 7. Right after @kaiser_souzai
I'm excited! See you later!

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BoMBillA was traveling to Berlin, Germany.
On my way to Berlin, alone, already missing my two girls at home...
But there's one thing to look forward to:
Tonight at Sisyphos playing a 3h straight techno set at the glory Hammahalle.
Stay tuned for the exact playtime 😉
Hope to see some familiar faces and to meet some new nice people!

New EP Out Now

New EP out now on Beatport, Amazon, Whatpeopleplay, Juno, djtunes etc.

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